The activities of our group are mostly concentrated on the theory of fundamental interactions and its applications to early cosmology. This brings us, at times, in contact with a wide range of other branches of theoretical and mathematical physics.

The group is affiliated with the physics department of Chulalongkorn University.

(For the desired effect, all triple-dots after the at-signs must be replaced by the 7th letter of the Latin alphabet, followed by mai and

Our long-term international collaborators include Ignatios ANTONIADIS (LPTHE, Paris & AEI Bern), Piotr BIZOŃ (Jagiellonian U, Krakow), Ben CRAPS (VU Brussel & Solvay Inst), Sergey KETOV (Tokyo Metro U), Lionel MASON (Oxford U), Ricardo MONTEIRO (Queen Mary U, London), Gonzalo PALMA (U Chile), Garry SHIU (UW Madison).

Former group members include Benjo FRASER (NORDITA, Stockholm), Andrea GUERRIERI (Perimeter Inst), Martin KRŠŠÁK (Comenius U, Bratislava), Luca LIONNI (U Heidelberg), Yuki SATO (U Nagoya).


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Zh. Avetisyan, O. Evnin, K. Mkrtchyan,
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G. A. Palma, S. Sypsas, C. Zenteno,
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We organize theoretical physics workshops that run every January-February:

Bangkok Workshops on High-Energy Theory:
2024 2023 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012

Bangkok Workshops on Discrete Geometry, Dynamics and Statistics:
2024 2023 2020 2019 2018 2017

NEW!!! Bangkok Workshop on Gravity and Cosmology 2024

There are occasional group seminars according to availability of local and visiting speakers. The seminars are announced through the Thai Theoretical Physics Mailing List.

Once in a while, international schools are organized. The most recent one is here.


There are occasional postdoc-level openings for young researchers.

We're interested in directing Ph.D. students in various areas of theoretical and mathematical high-energy physics. Prospective students are requested to contact the group members. We expect the students to be prepared for conducting high quality research at the time of enrollment. Students from Thailand and neighboring countries are especially welcome, but we're open to discussing Ph.D. recruitment with any qualified candidates worldwide. Funding for Ph.D. studies may be available from university sources.

We run a senior academic visitor program supporting established researchers to join our group, normally for a period of 1 month. Former visitors include Sergey KETOV (Tokyo Metro U), Joaquim GOMIS (U Barcelona), Piotr BIZON (Jagiellonian U, Krakow), Antonio GONZALEZ-ARROYO (IFT UAM/CSIC, Madrid), Peter GRASSBERGER (Jülich Research Center), Jorge RUSSO (U Barcelona), Alessandro SFONDRINI (ETH Zürich). Please inquire by email if interested.