BANGKOK mini-workshop on String Cosmology

This informal workshop organized by the physics department of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok will take place during the week of February 6, 2012 and focus on issues of string cosmology and related matters (stringy effects in early expanding universe, observational manifestations of strings, unconventional dark matter models, brane-worlds, etc). Participants are expected to give presentations on their current research or review lectures in their fields of expertise, and to join free discussions. Interested parties are requested to contact Auttakit Chatrabhuti <> and/or Oleg Evnin <> with registration details / inquiries / talk proposals before the end of January (please specify "BANGKOK STRING COSMOLOGY WORKSHOP" in the subject line).

Chulalongkorn University (commonly abbreviated as "Chula") is the leading school of Thailand in natural science fields, hosting research groups on high-energy theory and phenomenology and located in the heart of modern Bangkok. The workshop organizers can assist participants with booking accommodations on-campus or in the vicinity. Climatic conditions in Bangkok are advantageous during the month of February (moderately hot with low precipitation).

LOCATION: Seminars will be held in room 610 on the 6th floor of Mahamakut building (main Chula campus). Informal discussions will be held on the 19th floor of the same building (Thailand Center of Excellence in Physics). Most participants will be housed at Vista Residence Bangkok Hotel (80 Soi Kasemsan 3, Rama 1 Rd.) within 20-minute walk of the workshop venue.

Detailed ARRIVAL INFORMATION is available here.


Eric BERGSHOEFF (Groningen U.)
Edna CHEUNG (Nanjing U.)
Jarah EVSLIN (IHEP, Beijing)
Antonio DE FELICE (Naresuan U.)
Sven GUDNASON (Racah Inst. Phys., Jerusalem)
(*) P. Vargas MONIZ (Beira Interior U.)
Eleftherios PAPANTONOPOULOS (NTU Athens)
Henry TYE (IAS, Hong Kong)
Bin WANG (Shanghai Jiao-Tong U.)


PUBLIC LECTURE by Prof. Henry Tye (
Institute of Advanced Study, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology) entitled "Does the Universe have a beginning?" will be held in conjunction with the workshop on Wednesday, February 8 at 4:30 pm in auditorium 207 on the 2nd floor of Mahamakut building.