9th Bangkok Workshop on High-Energy Theory, January 20-24, 2020, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

The workshop is hosted by the Bangkok Fundamental Physics Group.


INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Ignatios ANTONIADIS (LPTHE, Paris and AEC, Bern U), Adi ARMONI (Swansea U), Eric BERGSHOEFF (Groningen U), Martin CEDERWALL (Chalmers U), Cristiano GERMANI (U Barcelona), Djordje MINIC (Virginia Tech).




Mini-course on quantum integrability (A.Sfondrini)


The workshop will focus on a broad range of issues in high-energy theory, such as gravity quantization (including string and matrix theories), non-perturbative dynamics of gauge theories, fundamental theoretical aspects of early cosmology, etc. The talks are expected to be informal and interactive, with a substantial pedagogical component. We strongly encourage blackboard presentations.

Previous workshops: 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012

Former participants include Changrim AHN, Carlo ANGELANTONJ, Ignatios ANTONIADIS, Adi ARMONI, Eric BERGSHOEFF, Latham BOYLE, Ramy BRUSTEIN, Martin CEDERWALL, Ben CRAPS, Antonio DE FELICE, Frederik DENEF, Tohru EGUCHI, François ENGLERT, Jarah EVSLIN, Matthias GABERDIEL, Cristiano GERMANI, Joaquim GOMIS, Antonio GONZALEZ-ARROYO, Rajesh GOPAKUMAR, Monica GUICA, Amihay HANANY, Michal HELLER, Marc HENNEAUX, Gerard 't HOOFT, Chris HULL, Nikos IRGES, Satoshi ISO, Euihun JOUNG, Alexandros KEHAGIAS, Sergey KETOV, Igor KLEBANOV, Bum-Hoon LEE, Kimyeong LEE, Djordje MINIC, Olivera MISKOVIC, Jack NG, Bengt NILSSON, Niels OBERS, Nobuyoshi OHTA, Takuya OKUDA, Eleftherios PAPANTOPOULOS, Rakib RAHMAN, Fabio RICCIONI, Jorge RUSSO, Massimo TARONNA, Henry TYE, Peter SCHUPP, Alessandro SFONDRINI, Qaisar SHAFI, Henri VERSCHELDE, Siye WU.

This workshop follows the 4th BANGKOK WORKSHOP ON DISCRETE GEOMETRY, DYNAMICS AND STATISTICS held at the same venue earlier in January.


Participants are invited to remain in residence for informal communication and collaboration during the weeks preceeding (January 13-17) and succeeding (January 27-31) the workshop. Please indicate the prospective timing of your stay during registration.


There will be no registration fees for the upcoming workshop. Registration has been closed. General inquiries may be directed to Oleg Evnin <oleg.evnin@gmail.com> and Auttakit Chatrabhuti  <dma3ac2@gmail.com>.


The workshop will be hosted by the physics department of Chulalongkorn University (commonly abbreviated as "Chula", pronounced choo-lah, with a stressed second syllable), Thailand's leading school in natural science fields centrally located in the modernized Pathumwan district of Bangkok.


Citizens of a large number of nations (including EU, US, Canada, Russia, Japan, Korea, a number of South-East-Asian countries and Hong Kong passport holders) enjoy visa-free entry to Thailand for up to 30 days. Some others (including India, mainland China and Taiwan passport holders) can obtain a visa-on-arrival online or at the airport for up to 15 days.

Participants are expected to arrange their own accommodations, though the organizers can provide some advice in this matter. Reservations should not be difficult to make via, e.g., booking.com or other similar sites, or by contacting the hotels directly. Being an epicenter of a gigantic tourist industry, Bangkok offers plentiful accommodations at all luxury levels, priced considerably lower than the general international standards. It should not be difficult to find housing within 1km of the workshop location indicated on this map. A neat and clean mid-range (around 1200-1400 baht/night) hotel within walking distance that we can recommend is Patumwan House. Happy 3 Hotel has been preferred by some of our participants as a somewhat more upscale alternative.

Climatic conditions in Bangkok are advantageous during the season of the workshop (roughly corresponding to a pleasantly warm and sunny summer in temperate countries).

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